LIAMOO, Steerner & Hechmann Present Their BROKEN HEARTED

Out today as a three-way collaboration from LIAMOO, Steerner and Hechmann is Broken Hearted, which puts the best of each producer forward in a richly melodic way. LIAMOO was a winner of Swedish Idol, whilst Steerner’s I Wouldn’t Lie has racked up six million streams. Hechmann is newly signed with Universal Music Sweden and responsible for hits like Inferno

Broken Hearted is a stunning track filled with expression and melodic lilt, with LIAMOO saying: “I liked the message in the song from the first time I heard the demo. For me, this is a love anthem that I look forward to sharing with my fans.” Steerner adds: ”What I like about this track is that I think people can relate to it in some way. Liam also does an incredible job on the song and I hope people will enjoy it us much as we do!” 

By Holly Frith