John Squire and Liam Gallagher by Tom Oxley

Liam Gallagher and John Squire debut the ‘Just Another Rainbow’ music video, amplifying the track’s energy

The video is laced with psychedelic visuals, perfectly aligning with the duo's artistic influences and heritage.
11th January 2024

The inaugural collaboration between Liam Gallagher and John Squire, titled Just Another Rainbow, has met the high expectations set by this powerhouse pairing of UK rock ‘n’ roll legends. The track quickly soared into the Top 10 of the midweek charts as the week’s highest new entry, much to the delight of fans.

The official video for Just Another Rainbow elevates the song’s dynamic, featuring Liam and John leading a riveting performance in a deserted railway tunnel. The video is laced with psychedelic visuals, perfectly aligning with the duo’s artistic influences and heritage.

Directed by Charles Mehling, known for his work with The Rolling Stones, Kasabian, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the video was shot in Bury.

Delving into the Gallagher/Squire backstory, Liam has been an ardent Stone Roses admirer since his teenage years. Their paths crossed while working on their respective landmark albums, Definitely Maybe and The Second Coming. A mutual admiration soon blossomed into friendship, evidenced by John’s surprise appearances at Liam’s Knebworth Park show in 2022.

The collaboration naturally evolved, drawing from shared influences like Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, The Faces, Bob Marley, and The Bee Gees, leading to a collection of essential new songs. Their collective vision came to fruition in Los Angeles sessions with esteemed producer Greg Kurstin on bass and Joey Waronker on drums, known for his work with Beck, R.E.M., and Atoms for Peace.

Just Another Rainbow marks just the beginning for the Gallagher/Squire project. More news about their future endeavors is expected to be revealed soon.

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