Lia Knapp shares cinematic dark pop-on the darker side with new song ‘What I Want’

"It’s exciting. I like being musically melodramatic."
26 September 2022

By Frank Bell

Lia Knapp‘s song What I Want is a catchy dark-pop anthem-like tune, with a confident and decisive lyrical theme. The track deals with being self-sufficient.

Lia’s explains: What I Want is my way of advocating for myself. It’s everything I wish I would say to people who consistently tell me to be something different, to live a different way, or even change my art because it’s not catering to their preferences. The point is that it’s not for them, and neither am I. It’s for everyone who knows what it’s like to be pressured to be something you’re not, or want something you don’t, by people who think their way is the only right one”.

Studying classical music in college really changed Lia’s view of the world of music. She understands music theory, arranging and more about the ins and outs of putting together a song.

In 2016, Knapp moved to Nashville where she landed a bartending job on Broadway and she took advantage of the chance to gain experience in the music industry.

Her love for different genres shines in the music she creates. You can tell from listening that it’s a mixture of electronic, jazz and pop mixed with something sensual, empowering and upbeat.

These days, some artists want to stay predictable and play it safe. Knapp, on the other hand, finds her inspiration in just the opposite by tapping into her emotions through her performances and songwriting.

“I think my sound is sort of cinematic dark pop—on the darker side” – Knapp says – “It is fun to write in harmonic minor. It’s exciting. I like being musically melodramatic.”