Lexa Terrestrial is ready to rock the hip-hop scene with her ‘X Files’

"I was dabbling with my love for hardcore, choppers, impossibly fast raps and also my different, unique vocal abilities"
11 August 2023

X Files isn’t just any song, it’s a true reflection of Lexa Terrestrial‘s strength, imagination, and unwavering self-confidence in her artistry. It’s a powerful testament to her determination and talent.

Pittsburgh’s very own Lexa Terrestrial is back and ready to rock the hip-hop scene once again. She just released her latest single X Files – a mind-blowing track that will take you on an exhilarating journey through unexplored musical territories.

X Files explores the mysterious world of aliens and extraterrestrial life. Lexa‘s thought-provoking lyrics lead listeners to question the existence of life beyond our planet. “We question if other life is out there… It is…It’s not even just out there, it’s here”, explains Lexa.

In X Files, she cleverly combines being an alien with her belief that her people will come back to save humanity from its downfall. It’s like she’s expressing her unique identity while also giving hope for the future.

When it comes to the inspiration for “X Files“, Lexa shares her thoughts: “I had vicious lyrics scattered throughout my rap book. A producer from overseas named Macbeats999 contacted me and sent me a bunch of beats. By the grace of God, he had sampled The X-Files and turned it into a dark, sexy trap beat, which fit the style I was going for perfectly. At this point in my career, I was dabbling with my love for hardcore, choppers, impossibly fast raps and also my different, unique vocal abilities. It was like fate.”

Lexa Terrestrial is all about embracing who she truly is and breaking free from stereotypes: “Often taken back by my size and appearance, I wanted people to be like, ‘Who is this girl?’ Or question if it even is one. The song, its impressively low registers and bass all hit so well and will make your car and bones vibrate. I want to make those that need it feel like a badass when they listen to it.”

She’s got this incredible knack for mixing different genres like trap, grunge, ’90s R&B, lo-fi raps, and even a touch of metal.

Lexa Terrestrial has had a tough journey, no doubt about it. About five years ago, she was hit with a rare breathing condition that nearly took her life in 2019. Despite all the challenges, her unstoppable spirit and love for music have given her the courage to express herself through her art.

She’s so versatile that she’s actually shared the stage with some big-name hip-hop stars, including Hopsin, Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa), Bone Thugs, Rittz, Logic & Jarren Benton, DreamDoll, Dizzy Wright, OMENXIII and pop/rock acts such as Jeffree Star, The Millionaires, Freezepop, September Mourning, as well as various DJs, including mashup artist Girltalk.

On top of that, Lexa’s incredible magnetic presence on stage have earned her a solid fan following at big-shot events like Anime Conventions, Art Basel, and SXSW.

Enter Lexa Terrestrial‘s realm for a lushly crazy intergalactic adventure and get ready to feel the mind-blowing energy of X Files.