LEUER’s ‘I Can’t Believe I Found You’ will hit you right in the feelings

"Don't let the fear of judgement from others stop you from doing what you want even if that judgment is from your family or friends. Go be happy.”
22 June 2023

When your heart that’s been through despair finally gets the chance to love again, what kind of sound does it make? LEUER‘s new song I Can’t Believe I Found You is a perfect blend of folktronica and synthpop that’ll make you fall in love (again).

I Can’t Believe I Found You by the songwriter based in Portland, Oregon is a brilliant song that mixes folk and electronic music, with catchy beats and vocals that will hit you right in the feels. It has a really convincing sound, because of its powerful kicks and massive synths.

The truthful and personal lyrics were taken from text messages sent by him and his partner to each other and from their conversations.

LEUER‘s DIY approach and ethos sparkles through his offering. He writes, plays, produces and mixes all his music: “My dad taught me piano when I was very young and then I started picking up singing followed by guitar. Shortly after I became obsessed with learning how to capture sound and manipulate it into what I wanted it to sound like in the computer.”

When asked about the inspiration behind naming his project LEUER, he spills the beans:

“I started writing under my birth name, but decided I wanted to have something more meaningful to me. I came across the word LEUER, which at the time I thought it was a French word for describing the glow around someone – like when we say someone is glowing with happiness, but I guess it’s actually misspelled. Thanks google. I still really like this idea about giving each emotion a moment to glow. Music is how I process my feeling and giving those feelings some time to sit with me can feel very healing.”

His dad was so ahead of the game by playing classic rock to his kids from a young age. He’s super into artists like Bon Iver, SYML, Shy Martin, Lauv, Troy Sivan, and Shallou. There are definitely more but those are just a few examples.

This new track is all about finding love again after giving it up. About the inspiration behind I Can’t Believe I Found You, he reveals:

“I divorced my ex in 2020 after he chose drugs of our relationship and figured that was it for me (especially after dating for a bit), and figured nothing is gonna come along and low and behold my partner walked into my life. When this song is released on June 6th I’ll have quit my job and packed up my stuff.

June 6th marks the day that I leave my current home and travel across the US with my partner and start a new life. I’ve been stuck in jobs I don’t like and just kind of treading water, so when we talked about this possibility I said yes…after a lot of debating. Haha.”

He adds: “Honestly I had given up on love. I randomly met my partner through a friend who invited me to go to lunch with a traveling nurse that had a contract in the area. My friend had a facebook group for LGBTQ people to meet up and hike. We had an instant connection and ended up hanging out more. Because he is from Michigan, his time was limited and we had to make a decision if we wanted to even pursue each other. But both of us felt so strongly about each other we decided let’s just do it and if we get heart broken, than that is how it was meant to be, but at least we wouldn’t be wondering what COULD have happened. Fortunately it all worked out.”

When asked what he hoped his fans would get out of his music, LEUER just answered with eloquence:

“I’m hoping people feel the anticipation and fear of giving your heart away to someone when the find love as well as the feeling of relief and excitement when both of you fall head over heals in love with each other.

I’ve lived life on the safe side. Always making the “sensible” decision, but life isn’t made to be sensible. But you can always move.

You can always quit a job. If something feels right, take the risk. I’m not saying quit your job tomorrow, but go do what makes you happy. If you aren’t happy, it’s okay to change and do something different. It’s your life.

Don’t let the fear of judgement from others stop you from doing what you want even if that judgment is from your family or friends. Go be happy.”