Leon Seti’s ‘Lullaby’ delivers dark minimalistic electro-pop

"He is bringing an eclectic and exciting vibe to the music scene with his sound."
29 January 2023

Leo Baldi goes by Leon Seti when making his unique pop music. Growing up between Italy and the UK, Seti’s been developing a love for theatrical electronic music mixing a truly alluring and mysterious sound.

Lullaby works as the ideal introduction to Leon’s sonic world of his latest album Grimoire. Think of these electronic tunes as your ticket for a journey to an ethereal realm. Leon Seti has crafted his very own fantasy universe and ‘Lullaby’ is the perfect representation of it.

As a light, flute-like sound comes in with Leon’s uplifting vocals as the main focus, the dark minimalistic electro-pop sound really captures his essence and Seti’s enchanting voice really grabs your attention.

Leon explains: “I wrote the lyrics about a fight I had with my sister. With my producer, Pancratio, we turned it into a powerful statement about feeling like you’re not being listened to, about feeling powerlessThe final line “you’ll never say sorry/and that’s fine/ I guess” captures a hope that sometimes is hard to put into words.”

Leon Seti, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, is bringing an eclectic and exciting vibe to the music scene with his sound. His latest album COBALT was a hit, taking the number 1 spot on iTunes Electronic Chart in Italy, and also getting featured on Billboard Italia. In the UK, BBC introducing has been giving him quite a bit of attention as well.

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Photo by Jacopo Bucciantini