Leo Wood shares ‘Venus’. From Paradise Valley in Morocco to the pinnacle of music innovation

"We went on to film the performance to the few hikers and the unexpected cliff edge audience using a handheld camera and a drone"
5 April 2024

Leo Wood is undoubtedly one of the rare gems in the music industry, and her recent venture into Morocco’s breathtaking Paradise Valley underscores her fearless pursuit of sonic and visual exploration.

Following the online success of their collaborative single Venus, extracted from Alpha Rhythm’s debut opus The Planets, Leo Wood and her entourage embarked on a journey like no other. Nestled amidst the breathtaking vistas of Paradise Valley, Leo Wood infused Venus with a newfound vitality, delivering a mesmerizing live performance that enraptured both the soul and the senses.

Yet, what truly distinguishes Leo Wood is not merely her musical prowess; it’s her relentless drive to expand the horizons of creativity beyond conventional performance spaces. While many associate dance music with the pulsating energy of packed clubs or sprawling festival grounds, Leo Wood discovers solace and inspiration amidst nature’s raw magnificence. From rugged canyons to majestic volcanoes, Leo Wood’s music transcends geographical confines, captivating audiences in the most unexpected of locales.

Accompanied by her visionary partner, Dan Mackinnon, Leo Wood trekked through rugged terrains, braving the elements to capture the essence of Venus amidst the remote beauty of Paradise Valley. Setting up their equipment with precision and determination, Leo Wood and her team transformed the canyon’s tranquil embrace into a stage, where melodies danced with the wind and rhythms echoed against ancient cliffs.

Reflecting on the experience, Leo Wood shares, “The live version of Venus was created using samples and trigger machines which give freedom to improvise within the boundaries of the song. We (The Beat n’ Track and I) hiked the gear up the river bed of a canyon, with a table… and set up before the midday sun. We went on to film the performance to the few hikers and the unexpected cliff edge audience using a handheld camera and a drone. The drone is amazing, it’s incredibly satisfying seeing the final video come together and realising how remote or truly epic your surroundings are. The environment definitely inspires my performance and here in Paradise Valley felt very atmospheric and was the perfect place for Venus. Venus is both about overcoming your challenges and being within epic, mountainous skylines. I think everyone who heard us felt touched by the vibes and loved the chance encounter.”

With a reputation for crafting unforgettable hits and a penchant for poignant lyricism, Leo Wood stands as a beacon of innovation in the electronic music scene. From Anjuna Deep to Defected and Hospital Records, her music has been making waves, earning accolades from fans and critics alike.

With upcoming performances on the Aria Tour and plans for US dates on the horizon, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Leo Wood’s sonic realm. In a world where conformity reigns supreme, Leo Wood fearlessly defies expectations, forging her own path amidst the cacophony of sound and silence.