LEIF COFFIELD’s Slickly-Produced Electro-Pop Is Getting Played In All The Right Places

By Vee D

Glaswegian alt-pop artist the ever fresh, courageous, and wonderfully weird, singer-songwriter Leif Coffield is a game-changer. His new single Just Wanna Be Strange is a dark yet energetic Pop track, with hints of Billie Eilish style vocals and instrumentation alongside minimal percussion but a groove layered bass line. The deep and sinister vocals perfectly juxtapose the dance vibes of the music itself and encapsulate the theme of the lyrics-obsession, infallibility, and idolization. 

His artistry has only enhanced with each release. Having gained support through the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio Scotland, it’s no surprise that this dark-pop artist is turning heads as he focuses on forging a new lane for his musical ambitions as an independent artist.