Legendary Stevie Nicks remains iconic amongst new artists

"Fashion isn’t just about following trends, and that we should never be afraid of expressing ourselves through our clothes"
29 April 2024

Despite the emergence of new stars, Stevie Nicks retains her allure, securing the second spot in a recent fashion study.

Fashion analysts at Boohoo conducted a study evaluating the online popularity of various female musicians’ styles. Taylor Swift dominated the list, amassing 107,442 monthly Google searches related to her fashion.

Stevie Nicks, celebrated for her captivating style both with Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist, retains her allure with 18,808 monthly searches, reaffirming her lasting fashion influence.

Her eclectic fashion sense, melding vintage elements with distinctive flair, has made a lasting impact on the industry. This study underscores the enduring fascination with Stevie Nicks’ iconic fashion, demonstrating its timeless appeal amid a constantly evolving music landscape.

A spokesperson from Boohoo has commented:  “While these women have completely different styles, they all have impeccable fashion sense. They not only have a keen eye for style, but also the confidence to carry their unique looks with grace. Of course, these iconic outfits wouldn’t be possible without their designers, with Taylor Swift working with everyone from Versace to Julien MacDonald. Their influence extends beyond the red carpet, inspiring fans to explore creativity and individuality in their looks. They show that fashion isn’t just about following trends, and that we should never be afraid of expressing ourselves through our clothes.” 


This information was provided by Boohoo, experts in the fashion industry. 

Methodology: Google search volume was analysed using the terms [artist] fashion, [artist] style, [artist] outfits and [artist] inspired outfits.  

Rank Artist Average monthly search volume 
Taylor Swift 107,442 
Stevie Nicks 18,808 
Aaliyah 15,601 
Beyoncé 14,365 
Lady Gaga 11,298 
Melanie Martinez 10,612 
Ariana Grande 9,558 
Doja Cat 8,494 
Rihanna 7,939 
10 Lana Del Rey 7,875