Legendary Mick Jones and Tony James and their Carbon Silicon to play at The Village

Old friends Mick Jones and Tony James, who had been in the legendary London SS together in 1975 before forming The Clash and Generation X.

They released their first EP The News on their own label, on May 21st 2007. Their debut album, The Last Post, produced by Bill Price (The Libertines, The Clash) was released on October 1st to great critical applause.

So why and when did it start. In 2002, the same year that Mick produced the first Libertines album, the pair were inspired by the ability to burn their own CDs and to share Mp3s via the P2P networks, they saw the internet as the saviour of creativity – not its downfall and started writing songs together.

By 2004 Mick & Tony are ready to play live and add a couple of friends from Manchester, Danny The Red on drums and William Blake bass. The first live shows were to friends and other musicians in their West London studio. They decide upon the name Carbon/Silicon, after a piece about the future of human intelligence enhanced by use of silicon computer implants. It represents the sound of the band – Mick “Soul” – carbon combined with Tony’s computers – silicon.

The bands website carbonsiliconinc.com is launched in April “as our free communications center.” They encourage fans to bring DVD cams to shows to film and share. It’s not long before fan sites start to appear mirroring the bands site with live MP3s and DV footage.

In June 2005, when Mick is putting the finishing touches to the Babyshambles debut album, the band are invited by Patti Smith to play the “Meltdown” festival at the Festival Hall in London, she also joins the band on stage for a moving rendition of the Hendrix classic ‘Hey Joe.’

At the end of 2005 / early 2006 Mick and Tony return to their London Studio to write, produce and record twelve new songs which became the A.T.O.M album. The songs are made available as they are finished as free downloadable MP3s, allowing fans to slowly compile their own version of the album as it is made.

In June 2006 work commences on the second album Western Front. This album is made up of re-recordings of the best of the very early songs. They again make these tracks available as free downloads as they are recorded.

In the Winter of 2006 they start rehearsing to play live and commence recording a third album of new material, “because that’s what we do – love music.” In February of this year Tony and Mick are joined by Leo ‘E-zee-Kill’ Williams on bass guitar (who had previously played with Mick in BAD & Dreadzone) and Dominic Greensmith (Reef) on drums.

In March 2007 all previous “free” MP3 tracks are removed from the website (“you had your chance!”) to keep things moving and fresh and replace them with a new six-track mini album The Crackup Suite.

The band played their first, sold-out, US dates in December 2007, they are currently playing a six-week London residency – “The Carbon Casino” – each Friday from January 11th until February 22nd 2008 at The Inn on the Green, under the Westway in Ladbroke Grove.

“If there is a revolution going on – we’re in.”

Carbon Silicon
Live @ The Village May 11th
Tickets on sale next Monday April 7th @ 9am

Tickets are €28 through Ticketmaster and other usual outlets nationwide. Booking Line: 0818 719 390.

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