L’DUO Share Pop Gem OUT OF TIME Feat. DANA K

By Frank Bell

Glistening with a gorgeous pop glow and radiating with a warm positivity, Out Of Time is a triumphant pop spectacle from L’Duo.

Sharing their story of appreciation over a stream of soft, uplifting guitar lines, the duo form a stunning vocal melody that entrances and excites, with some assistance from the incredibly gifted Dana K.

“It’s about being present and cherishing all the little things that we sometimes take for granted. For us, this song is a reminder to live every day like there is no tomorrow but to occasionally stop, look around and appreciate the amazing people and the beautiful world around us”, they explain.

With the duo experimenting with their sound and fusing elements from all over the musical spectrum together to form their own unique style, Out Of Time is a glowing testament to L’Duo’s captivating musical journey.