The Nordic Alt-indie Risers Share a Reflective New Single..“Last Call is a life line you don’t want to let go” – Henrik, LQ

By Vasco Dega

Norway’s rising five-piece Lazy Queen have been releasing some of the most exciting alt-punk of 2020. We were first made aware of their talents with their single Throwaway and since then they’ve been consistently drawing for powerful pop-leaning punk anthems. 

Their music is written to evoke and represent their story – Continuing the theme of showcasing the struggles surrounding addiction & mental health, lead singer Henrik writes from the perspective of friends and family on Last Call, when they were collectively going through a difficult time. The second track from their forthcoming EP in early 2021, it’s a song that harnesses the raw, Lazy Queen, with a lower tempo, reflective melancholy. 

A track that stands out in their back-catalogue for now following in their typical style – Last Call is a more sombre, emotively charged affair.

“Our music has always been mostly introspective and personal in it’s narration, but this is in many ways the first song I’ve written from a perspective that isn’t my own. In the context of the EP it’s written from people close to me to myself, in an attempt to try to understand what they went through and felt like in a periode where they were in constant fear that any given conversation with me might be the last. Though it might sound dark, it felt very natural for us to pair the lyrics with a warm, calm and patient instrumental- like being wrapped in a thick blanket of nervous love and care.”


Photo by Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik