LAZY GUYS & JO3L Reveal Brand New Single HOW TO FLY

How To Fly is out now…how does it feel to finally get it out there? 

Amazing feeling

For someone who hasn’t heard the single yet, how would you describe it? 

Pure vibes 

I know the track has a different meaning for the both of you, did you write it with this is mind? Did you aim for people to relate their own situations to it? 

I was writing from the perspective of a music mate of mine Scot who was sadly taken from us early. The feeling of hope with Angels helping him to fly. Nathan was writing from a positive angle of finding someone again and Lazy Guy’s were hitting us with great energy/music all the way through. 

What drew the collaboration together? 

I’d worked with Steve and Nathan separately in the past. Seemed like the perfect storm. 

When writing the track, did you have a certain style or sound in mind?  

The guys are amazing. The first version they sent me got me writing in seconds. I grew up listening to Progressive House  so tried sneaking  few elements mixed in

What can we expect to hear next from the both of you? 

We finished our follow up late last night so we’re all buzzing.