LAZARUS LYNCH Creates A Fierce Anthem in I’M GAY


Growing up in a Christian household, Lazarus Lynch struggled to embrace his queerness, but in this new track and visuals, Lazarus spreads his wings in I’m Gay.

For the talented artist, this is a track all about freedom, it’s his anthem too as he hopes it will reach many black men and boys to tell them that it’s okay to explore sexuality. Whilst growing up in the Black church, Lazarus came to the conclusion at a young age that it was a sin to be gay, but over time accepted himself and recognised he needed to be set free. 

Even though this track was written a year ago, the music video is where Lazarus is able to really show off his love for music and being himself.  His love for cooking on the other hand is something else.  The Chef, cookbook author and two-time winner of Chopped has always dedicated his time to the creation of new family recipes, but takes even more time in helping the representation of Black and Gay people within the music and food communities.

The creative was inspired by his family opening a soul food restaurant. Lazarus’ YouTube channel and cookbook is dedicated to  new takes on family recipes, but the honing of his craft in music and production in the latest visual just goes to show that Lazarus is free and loves every second of it.