LAYA LAYA Release New Ethereal Track ASTEROID

By Vee D

Keeping on theme with their spacey vibe, Laya Laya have returned with the ethereal new track Asteroid. The catchy electro-pop track features a pulsing beat and glistening synths, complemented by singer Freya Zai’s dreamy vocals. 

Freya Zai on how the track was created: “I liked the sound of the word ‘Asteroid’ and the idea of an asteroid hurtling around space. To me, it was similar to yearning for someone who is hard to pin down and always on the move, physically and emotionally. Although this scenario would be heart-wrenching in reality I kept the lyrics and vocals light, a little tongue in cheek, with a youthfulness about it.”   

Laya Laya is a collaboration between two 2nd-gen British Indians – songwriter Freya Zai and producer Super Joshi.



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