LAYA LAYA Drop Glowing Single I CAN FEEL YOU


Blurring electronic elements with live instrumentation and sublime harmonies, Laya Laya is the British alternative brainchild of writer/singer Freya Zai and producer Super Joshi. The duo has returned to share a celestial new single I Can Feel You, out August 21st. Sonically infectious and heartbreakingly written, I Can Feel You shares an intimate perspective on relationships as Freya’s delicate vocals pair nicely against the track’s atmospheric instrumentation and thunderous bass. 

Discussing the release, Freya says: “It was written about a break up of a relationship and the feeling that you remain connected to that person even though they are not in your life anymore.” 

The pair met in 2017, both having suffered from illnesses that had led them back to music making as a means of recovery. Freya having nearly died from Sepsis, Super losing his voice entirely for several months forcing him to undergo a year-long speech therapy program. After these life altering experiences, Freya and Super both left their roles in law and sales to pursue their creative interests and have not turned back since. These songs were created during this difficult period of recovery, and their music is the product of their mutual healing, both physically and mentally.

Certainly one to keep an eye on, make sure you check out Laya Laya today.