Lavara shares haunting single “I Need to Know”

Lavara returns with a minimalist and airy track coming straight from the heart.
1st June 2022

By Vanessa B

Singer-songwriter and producer Bruno Levesque who goes by the moniker Lavara, recently shared his haunting indie-pop single “I Need to Know”. His style is heavily influenced by James Blake, Bon Iver, Ry X with Indie Folk and Electronica sensibilities present in the final product.

The Paris-based artist opined:

With “I Need to Know”, I am looking for answers. What about our love? Has it evaporated over time? Is it possible to love each other the way we did ten years ago?

The song’s questions echo out into nothingness, carried by vocals resonating with vulnerability, candour, and betrayal as they croak, call out and whisper within an immersive electronic soundscape. These are the kinds of questions one might ask but may never be answered, pondering and fathoming the lost potential of what might be doomed to never exist.

Listen to the track and connect with Lavara via his social links below.

Photo credits: Rod Maurice