Laurent Bourque’s Top 5 Guide to Toronto’s Live Scene

Ahead of his highly recommended live show at Old Queens Head in London on 25th Sep, charming Canadian singer-songwriter Laurent Bourque, shares on FM his Top 5 Toronto Live Venue Guide.

His new single Thinking of You is out now…

Burdock Music Hall

This venue is the best sound one can find in a small room anywhere in Canada honestly. It’s also where I’ll be launching my new album Blue hour on October 16, 2019. It’s a perfect setting for any style of music too.

The Danforth Music Hall

The Danforth is the place to see larger acts that isn’t in an arena/amphitheater. While it’s quite big there isn’t a bad seat in the house which is great. It’s also in the east part of town which is also an adventure for most folks I know living in the west end of Toronto.

Massey Hall

A legend of a venue. For a 3,000 person room, performers on stage could sing without a mic and you’d still hear them from the nose bleeds.It’s the one place artists would kill to play in Toronto and for good reason.

The Rex

The place in town for all you jazz-ites out there. Is that what you like to be called? I’m not sure… either way the Rex is for you.

Monarch Tavern

I like this place for it’s neighbourhood bar feel and very quaint stage vibes. I recently saw Matt Maltese here and it was superb. 

By Laurent Bourque for FM

Photo by Nathan Cyprys