With a sound that has been compared to the likes of Dido and Lene Marlin, Laura Comfort’s voice gently glides over the soulful upbeat her songs and has an electronic brilliance.Stunning Laura Comfort’s new album The Comfort Zone is out now.

The album is an eclectic mix of acoustic ambient pop showing Laura’s talent to fuse folk, pop, country and rhythm n’ blues with contagious energy and sense of fun.

What kind of music do you play?
This current album is a collection of ambient acoustic pop songs… with insightful, catchy vocals and upbeat tempos.

As a child, I grew up listening to James Taylor, Carly Simon, Fleetwoodmac, Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince. Now I like an eclectic mix- everyone from Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, Pink, 50 Cent, Pixie Lott etc.

Hardest part of the Industry?
Now a days labels rarely spend money developing new artists so you can’t just be an artist anymore, you have to be a creative business women too in order to do your own marketing, produce and package your music, build a fan base etc..

Compare early days to now?
When I started singing in bands, I had fun touring and sharing the whole process with others whereas now there’s more pressure on me as a solo artist because you have to do it all for yourself and not rely on others the same way.. at the same time, it’s a lot less complicated and I have more creative freedom..

Last Gig?
My last gig was my Album Launch Party on Sept 16th in the Parlour at Sketch.. The venue is very cool and was the perfect setting for my performance. I received very positive feedback and great reviews so I’m pleased.
Most successful thing done to date?
Looking back, I think helping vulnerable children around the world through charities such as Sentebale is the most valuable thing I’ve ever done.

Who helped you the most?
My parent are both very musical and were a great source of inspiration for me. They have supported me thoughout my career.

What’s next?
Right now I’m focusing on more gigs, airplay and interviews, as well as the release of ‘Take A Chance’ in the UK and US, and recording new material.

Is it hard being an artist today?
It’s obviously a very competitive industry, with many people competing for very few spots and there’s less money to go around (since file sharing and downloading has hurt the industry). At the same time, it’s easier for an artist to do it for themselves because of the internet and home studios.

Importance of social network sites?
Social marketing is an essential tool for success for every artist no matter how big or small. It is the best way to build a fan base.

Who would you collaborate with?
I wouldn’t say no to David Guetta or Dizzee Rascal.