Photo by Josie Piper

Larry Thomas Moore Jr. reveals emotional richness in ‘Our Feelings’

Each strum, each note in Our Feelings, resonates with the listener, pulling them into the narrative
27 January 2024

Larry Thomas Moore Jr.​ exemplifies the essence of musical endurance and innovation​ his new single Our Feelings​. This track is a crucial moment in his distinguished 28-year career and showcases his rise to prominence as a standout solo artist.

Larry, with his Americana-rock flair, weaves a tale that delves into the complexities and often unexpected consequences of exploring another’s true feelings. This cautionary narrative is set against a backdrop of emotive guitar strums and escalating sonic intensity, capturing the essence of annoyance and anger in a way only a seasoned musician can.

Each strum, each note in Our Feelings, resonates with the listener, pulling them into the narrative. The track is a masterclass in storytelling through music, urging listeners to tread carefully when probing the depths of someone’s emotions.

This latest single builds on the success of his 2023 releases – Lower Your Hands, Not Afraid, and Lovely Eyes. These tracks not only showcased Larry’s musical versatility but also earned him widespread acclaim and airplay across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Photo by Josie Piper

Continuing on his solo adventure, Larry Thomas Moore Jr. presents Our Feelings as another compelling tune. T​he track becomes a statement of intent, a promise of the heights he’s yet to reach. As 2024 unfolds, Larry’s music world is eagerly waiting for more glimpses into the depths of human emotion through his unique musical lens.

Our Feelings by Larry Thomas Moore Jr. captures the essence of his seasoned artistry and marks the start of an exciting new chapter for him as a musician. Anyone who values the profound ability of music to express the deepest of human feelings will find this single an essential listen.