Larin drops ‘It Used To Feel Good’ feat. Gillie

The song merges uptempo beats with gentle vibes, evoking the unforgettable essence of summer nights
20 February 2024

Crafting Musical Diaries in the Heart of Paris

Amidst the lively streets of Paris, 29-year-old Larin is transforming music into a compelling form of narrative. With a solid six years of artistic dedication, Larin has shifted from the routine of an office job to the pursuit of a music career full-time, aiming to encourage others to follow their dreams.

Drawing inspiration from the seminal sounds of The Smiths, Joy Division, and New Order, Larin takes a distinct path in his musical creation, utilizing excerpts from their interviews as a source of inspiration for his work. This creative method enables him to embody the spirit of these musical icons, infusing his electronic compositions with a depth that echoes their influence.

His latest offering, the album Tarte Framboises, is a testament to Larin’s ability to cater to diverse moods through his music. The lead single, It Used To Feel Good, exemplifies this versatility. The track delves into the evolving nature of feelings and sensations within relationships, a theme many find universally relatable.

UK-based artist Gillie features on It Used To Feel Good, bringing soft and soulful vocals that perfectly complement Larin’s uplifting instrumental. The song merges uptempo beats with gentle vibes, evoking the unforgettable essence of summer nights. This collaboration highlights Larin’s talent for producing tracks that are not just songs but experiences, ready to claim their spot on your playlist.

Looking ahead, Larin has declared 2024 as “the year of singles,” with plans to explore various dance music styles and incorporate more organic instruments into his work. His ambition to innovate within his genre is clear, and with several ideas already brewing, fans can eagerly anticipate what’s next from this Parisian artist.

Larin’s journey is a vivid example of how music can serve as a diary, a collection of life stories set to melody. As he continues to share his diary entries with the world, Larin remains a compelling figure in the electronic music scene, inviting listeners to find a piece of their own story within his tunes.