Lālo Parade drops fresh and feel-good pop-rock single ‘Sweet Thing’

‘It's a song about the enduring power of love."
20 October 2022

Continuing a wave of dynamic offerings released over the past couple of years, El Paso-based artist and producer Lālo Parade returns with a feel-good pop-rock single Sweet Thing.

After being introduced to the genre of metal by his brother when growing up, Lālo quickly became a huge fan. He often played with metal, punk, and ska bands at shows in the backyard and later even had the chance to open for a bunch of artists like Bob Schneider and Anything Box. Lalo’s music is eclectic, with influences from the Beastie Boys, Beck & Fugazi.

Sweet Thing is a very well-produced, optimistically upbeat, and airy love song, with bass, drums, guitar, and soothing vocals coming together to create a delightfully blissful atmosphere. It also features some playful and unexpected additions to the soundscape, like a touch of brass as the song fades out in a reverie. The song’s skillful production isn’t surprising considering that Parade currently works as a Lead Product Designer for Warner Music Group. Meanwhile, its lyrics talk about how even through ups and downs over many years, the love that two people share can maintain and strengthen with proper care and attention.

Parade explains: “‘Sweet Thing’ is a song about the enduring power of love. It is a song about how, even after years have passed, the love between two people can continue to grow stronger. The song is about reminding someone how much they really mean to you.”

Listen to Sweet Thing and connect with Parade below: