By Frank Bell

New Zealand singer-songwriter Ladyhawke’s new collaboration with electropop duo BROODS has culminated in the modern rock fusion track, Guilty Love, the first single from her hotly anticipated new album later this year.

Driven by its energetic and purposeful drum beat, Pip Brown, known as Ladyhawke, uses her classic rock vocal performance to march towards the storyline hidden in the chorus. Combined with a striking and deep video that depicts students at a catholic all-girls school, Ladyhawke pushes a love conquers hate message in a track that delves into topics of sexuality and self-discovery.

Pip has spoken about how the storyline behind Guilty Love came about due to a crossroads of past experiences, saying how “Georgia Nott from BROODS came along to one of our writing sessions, and after we were talking a while, we realised we had all grown up Catholic. We shared stories and experiences”.

Realising that the song is important for many different reasons, Guilty Love’s biting social lyrics were made more personal by Pip’s own experience. “I started to feel immense shame and denial about my sexuality. I suffered the constant fear of being judged and alienated by my friends and family. Guilty Love is a way to share our experiences, and hopefully help anyone going through the same thing to know they’re not alone”

Returning after a busy five-year gap since her last album, Wild Things, Ladyhawke is ready to strive for more success as an accomplished BRIT nominee and ARIA award winner. The first single off of her upcoming 2021 album, Guilty Love is set to be a momentous comeback.