Indina raising star Lady Indiraa is set to release her new track Shrink next month.This track signifies a new lease of life and new direction for Lady Indiraa after a near fatal horse riding accident. Whilst she was riding she fell off and thought she was paralysed, she was rushed to hospital where she nearly died. She eventually regained consciousness but was then diagnosed with a rare life threatening blood disease. Shrink – Soulshaker Club Mix by Quite Great
Her road to recovery would make for a moving tale and as a practicing Hindu, Indiraa believes that she was reincarnated into another body to help others and follow the unfulfilled dream of becoming a musician.With Shrink, Indiraa has tried to banish the stigma that surrounds psychiatry and encourages open mindedness around the subject of therapy and uses music as a way of expressing herself!

Since the accident, Indiraa has sung at charity events to raise money and has worked tirelessly reaching out to other struggling musicians and set up an online company called The Function Junction, which gives bands exposure by securing them gigs around the UK.