Lady GaGa’s make-up artist, Billy Brasfield tweeted: “Have you ever been a part of something that was so profound, so inspiring, so incredibly beautiful, that as it was happening, it brought tears to your eyes and you had been given a gift, and you were thankful?”
He continued: “It happened to me [and] I am thankful. 1/22, 1/23, 1/24- 2011 LADY GAGA–#BORNTHISWAY.”

“After days of sensory overload, of amazing song, ridiculously beautiful imagery, fashion, beautiful People, great friends, and a life changing experience, I am awake again after 24 hours of sleep, hello New York city and snow.”

Lady G’s fashion director also heaped praise on the Poker Face hitmaker’s clip, tweeting: “Ok kids, get ready for [‘Born This Way’]. We’ve just created the most amazing thing ever.”

Lady Gaga tweeted this amazing MUGLER fashion film, with the brilliant full menswear collection + the full remix of her song.