Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video, costarring superdiva Beyoncé sparked some controversy over its subject matter: prison, murder, lesbianism. Gaga nailed the perfect mix of camp and glam in this Quentin Tarantino-inspired video.

The video is directed by Jonas Akerlund and co-written by GaGa herself. Lady GaGa said: ‘There’s certainly always a hidden message in my music videos. But I would say most predominately, I’m always trying to convolute everyone’s idea of what a pop music video should be.
‘There was this really amazing quality in ‘Paparazzi,’ where it kind of had this pure pop music quality but at the same time it was a commentary on fame culture. In its own way, even at certain points working with Jonas really achieved this high art quality in the way that it was shot.
‘I wanted to do the same thing with this video – take a decidedly pop song, which on the surface has a quite shallow meaning, and turn it into something deeper.’