La Sante shares “Something Is Happening” alongside Top Influences

"Great soundtrack-y feel to the whole album and this song is just *makes Italian-chefs hands*."
17 May 2022
By Vanessa B

La Sante is the shoegaze indie dream pop brainchild of Nikki Nyberg, (of Swedish indie pop duo Honeymilk) sharing his new single alongside some juicy top influences with us today. “Something Is Happening” is the third release from La Sante, a dazzling indie pop track adorned with a warm psychedelic guitar lines and airy, pondering vocals. Introspective and immersive, the song is a 4 minute and 10 second meditation on something hard to grasp with words, with a celestial feel throughout.

Sharing some insight on the themes of the single, Nikki offers:

“You know, when you realize the gravitas of every moment, consequence and lingering sense of “now what” and suddenly life itself, like a nineties screensaver, colour in the many nuances that make it a life truly lived.”

Be sure to check out Nikki’s current selection of five musical influences for La Sante, as well as “Something Is Happening”, below.

5. Night Moves

I’ve been a fan of theirs for quite some time and always come back to their stuff once or twice a year. Their sundrenched americana/psych-pop sets the mind at ease.

4. Cate Le Bon

Her new album has been going strong in my home these past months. She has that kind of ethereal vibe that seems timeless.

3. Tommy Bolin

Just recently discovered this troubled 70’s guitar wonder. This song has been on repeat quite a lot this spring, got a great pop-sensibility.

2. Wild Pink

Beautiful album, maybe the best one last year. When it comes to the sounds of La Sante I really wanted to move in this direction. Sun-drenched shimmering melancholic pop.

1. Honey Slides

I try to give praise to this act as many times i can. Great soundtrack-y feel to the whole album and this song is just *makes Italian-chefs hands*.