Kyra Gordon’s ‘Tell Me And I’ll Listen’ is a touching account of family relationships

"I feel like I am just now learning how to do this for myself; to honor my own feelings of sadness, anger, and longing"
29 March 2024

In her latest poignant track, Tell Me And I’ll Listen, singer-songwriter Kyra Gordon unveils an emotional journey through an evocative piano-led ballad, delving into the intricate dynamics of familial relationships.

Released via Starita Records and recorded at East Bay Recorders in Oakland, CA, this introspective piece is the tasty fruit of collaboration with Kyra Gordon (songwriter, piano, vocals), James DePrato (guitars), Daniel Fabricant (bass), Brian Rodvien (drums, percussion), Michael Rosen (recording, mix engineer), Rachel Efron (producer), and Piper Payne of Neato Mastering (mastering). Offering a poignant glimpse into the bond between a daughter and her mother, it echoes the vulnerability and poise found in the works of Sarah McLachlan.

Gordon explains: “I feel like I am just now learning how to do this for myself; to honor my own feelings of sadness, anger, and longing, and allow them to be expressed without justification or permission on some giant equalizing scale out there in the stratosphere. My Mom had to raise her siblings, and has always dismissed her own pain in the face of other people’s experience. I want her to feel free, to count herself and her own feelings as important, and to express them in a way that feels healing.”

Photo by Cherlyn Wagner

With Tell Me And I’ll Listen, Gordon lyrically dissects generational trauma, allowing her vocals to soar as the song progresses into a rising bridge. This track previews her upcoming EP, Traveler, set for release in June 2024. With her compelling storytelling and authentic vocal delivery, Gordon invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and connection. Renowned for her captivating live performances, she seamlessly blends singing, spoken narratives, and keyboard work, drawing from her background in acting. Her debut album, Soul Of A Showgirl, was celebrated for its incisive lyrics and mesmerizing melodies.

Producer Rachel Efron, reveals: “I also loved the idea of a bridge that finally lets the guard down and tells it like it is. I hoped to convey a calm demeanor belying a well of frustration, grief, anger, and passion.” She deliberately centered on Gordon’s piano performance, elevating it as the centerpiece of the track. “When the strings come in, they add this longing and emotional-other voice. The bass, guitars, and drums layer in at the second verse and complete a more forward-moving groove.” The production parallels the lyrical journey: “…pure sweetness except for the bridge, where we’re suddenly floored by the emotion; a sonic counterpoint to all that’s been withheld all these years. Then, the final chorus gathers our pieces back together.” 

Photo by Cherlyn Wagner

Gordon adds, “I wanted the song to feel like eavesdropping at first, and then cracking your heart wide open. It would be very gratifying if my listeners experienced catharsis and it inspired emotional conversations with a loved one.” 

In her earlier release, Burn It Down, Gordon delved into classic country themes infused with a modern twist, portraying tales of resilience and empowerment. Inspired by the divorces of her close friends, she crafted a soundtrack of courage with powerhouse vocals and palpable angst, earning acclaim.

Tell Me And I’ll Listen showcases Gordon’s versatility as she ventures into introspective folk territory, exploring her relationship with her mother and the unspoken burdens she wishes she had addressed with her late grandmothers. Producer Rachel Efron aimed to capture the essence of Gordon’s piano-playing, making it the focal point of the track while incorporating strings, bass, guitars, and drums to enhance the emotional journey.

With Tell Me And I’ll Listen, Gordon aims to stir catharsis and encourage heartfelt conversations among listeners and their loved ones. Its poignant lyrics and soulful melodies ensure a profound resonance with the audience.

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