KYIKI2Having spent the last 4 years touring the world as a singer with Crystal Fighters, the enchanting Ellie Fletcher, talks about her exciting electronic solo project KYIKI.

A beautiful fusion of haunting vocals, freshly British self-produced dark synth-pop and heavy bass. With a remix from LCAW on the horizon, ‘One’ is the perfect introduction to KYIKI.

What’s the story behind the name KYIKI?

I had always romanticised Hawaii and it’s culture being it so vastly different to where I am from and love the language there, it doesn’t actually mean anything, it’s a name I sort of put together, referring back to the dark in my songs, I like the contrast the name symbolises.

After 4 years extensively touring the globe with Crystal Fighters, why did you decide to go solo?

I loved touring with them and it taught me so much, I had always wanted to do a solo project and it was a part of me I had to forfill and something they always knew about and supported, four years is a long time and it felt like the right moment with all the experiences from the past years. KYIKI 1What’s the best and worst thing about singing in a band like Crystal Fighters?

The best things are countless, I’ve had the best times of my life singing with them, seeing the world and playing shows with people you are so close to is amazing and sharing experiences unique to the band is always something wonderful. Any negatives are completely outweighed by the positives.

Can you talk a bit about ‘One’ and tell us what were your influences whilst writing this track?

I wrote ‘One’ directly after coming off tour. We had about a day or two off before we had to go again and I just had to get a song out of my system. It all came about quick quickly and just wanted it to be an intense build, it was one of my favourites to write actually.

Are you planning any live shows and what will they be like?

Live shows I am so excited to do, I probably feel most comfortable live and want to create something intense and a little dramatic. It’s all about getting across intense dynamics of emotions for me and can’t wait.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I love listening to female artists to see what they’re doing and I am always partial to a pop melody with weird/interesting production. my favourite artists in general right now range from Glass Animals, Lia Ices, Blood Orange, Lykke li to Ottmar Liebert, Little Dragon, The Mars Volta. A weird mash of different things really.

What’s coming next for you?

Live shows, more releases and lots of exciting things for 2015… Can’t wait.

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©

Photos by Bertrand Bosrédon