KUSH K: All Numbers Are Magic!

In numerology three is usually associated with the idea of the mind-body-soul triad, but it also implies creativity, positive change and – drum roll – the divine having a human experience. It so happens that the Swiss lo-fi-garage-psych project known as Kush K, whom we’ve covered back in February, started out as a trio. They are officially a quartet now! But their whole vibe – and they’re huge on vibe! – still evokes the flickering light of candles, the sweet scent of incense and the idea of music as a form of sonic seance. 

Their long-awaited debut titled Lotophagi (lotus eaters) finally dropped last Friday and it’s everything that the singles promised that it would be: a warm feast of 60s inflected lo-fi jams full of sticky hooks and lavish, hissy melodies. It’s the type o record that you play from front to back, because despite its subtle versatility it feels seamless. It’s a zone! Which, according to the press text, is exactly what the band was aiming for. Whether you’re into Junip or Matthew E. White, Emily Alone or Sonic Youth, you will surely feel at home right here. 

Kush K are Catia, Pascal, Paul and Nicola. Their record is out now courtesy of BlauBlau Records. Here is our short interview with lead vocalist Catia. For obvious reasons we decided to keep it extra lighthearted.

The three things that give away a hardcore lotus eater..
Daydreaming, indolent ease, hedonism.

The three absolute studio essentials for a Kush K production.. 
Vibe, time and ritual.

The three 60s records that every Kush K fan should know inside out..
Anything from that era by Morton Feldmann, Sun Ra, Karen Dalton.

Three tested Kush K ways of dealing with the current lockdown.
Build something! Woodwork, clay, paper, writing, playing piano, playing bass, playing synths, playing drums. Go out in to nature. Move yourself on the in and outside.

What changed when the Kush K three became a Kush K four? 
It feels bigger! (laughter)

Is three really a magic number? 
Let’s make every number magic!