Ksenia Releases Music Video for LET SOMEBODY LOVE YOU

Ksenia is a New York based songwriter and artist with Russian roots and someone who believes “we need to love freely even if there is a chance of getting hurt.” In her latest music video for “Let Somebody Love You”, she explores this concept through a compelling and immersive visual experience that ebbs and flows between softer moments of sincerity and powerful, emotive peaks.

Let Somebody Love You leans on pop influences and demonstrates Ksenia’s strong storytelling abilities, captured throughout the official music video. Revealing her versatility as an artist, Let Somebody Love You showcases chill and mellow instrumentation throughout the verses, allowing for Ksenia’s lyrics to shine through, while an easy-to-digest chorus features catchy melodies with R&B / pop vibes thrown into the mix for good measure. Fans of Rihanna and other top 40s artists will certainly love Ksenia’s music and its polished, commercial production.