KRISTIAN MARR QuickFire Questions

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

I would have to go with the acoustic styles of Dylan and Young, the energy and power behind acdc and the glitz n glam of the Stones.

Indie rock artist Kristian Marr…Does some soul searching with new video for Space and Time

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

I paint a lot and have a small studio set up at home in Barcelona where I get to express myself in a different way. The sun here alone has a massive impact on my songwriting and painting. Running for me is key when im feeling blocked and popping down to my local for a drink or two with the neighbours!

Tell us about your new single for ’Space and Time’?

Space and time captures the ups and downs of daily mental health. The frustrations of isolation and not being able to fit in after its destruction but at the same time grounding yourself and preparing for the days to come. The song was written and recorded before Covid-19 and yet it feels so fitting. I don’t think we need to be locked in to feel isolated however this pandemic has made us all subject to that struggle. Space and time explores feeling lost within oneself and seeking to find answers in a world you feel alien from.

What can we expect from you in 2020?

Eating and drinking a lot, wearing out my sofa, running out of patients and paints no only kidding ill be back out on the live circuit as soon as this pandemic is over…Very excited about the journey of this album!