Gifted singer songwriter Krista Detor announced her UK Tour for April & May 2011. Krista’s latest CD ‘Chocolate Paper Suites’ is a beautiful album presented via a series of music suites.

Each suite is connected by theme and imagery inspired by the works of Federico Garcia Lorca, Dylan Thomas & Charles Darwin among other thinkers, artists and experiences.
Guest artists contributing to ‘Chocolate Paper Suites’ include Colin Linden, Moira Smiley, Mark Erelli, Malcolm Dalglish, Jason Wilbur, David Weber, Dena Al-Safaar, Karine Polwart, Chris Wood, and a host of other talented players.

With her highly acclaimed album, Mudshow described as “A Small Miracle” by Rolling Stone Krista Detor has established herself as a gifted singer songwriter.

Musical styles and influences abound in her writing and she displays a versatility that is hard to categorise. A poetic and sought-after lyricist, Krista’s songs are vignettes, telling stories of time and experience.
In a blossoming career Krista Detor has seen her music reach the Cannes Film Festival, National Public Radio & Public Broadcasting Service (TV) in the USA and also the BBC in the UK, as well as countless U.S. and European national, regional & local radio shows.

Her follow up to Mudshow was the 2007 critically acclaimed ‘Cover Their Eyes’ produced with her partner the much lauded engineer and record producer David Weber (Airtime Studios). ‘

Cover Their Eyes’ spans an era and style, incorporating the musical influence of some of the places in which Krista has lived and travelled – South America, the Midwest and Europe.

In 2007, she completed the collaborative CD and stage show ‘Wilderness Plots’ with Grammy-winning songwriter Carrie Newcomer, as well as Tim Grimm and a small group of talented Indiana based songwriters.

Wilderness Plots has received rave reviews and continues to tour throughout the U.S. as a stage show. The work itself is based upon the book by noted author Scott Russell Sanders.

In March 2009 Krista was chosen to be a part of the Darwin Songhouse a group of writers challenged with creating new songs that had a ‘resonance and relevance to Darwin’.

For seven days in a farmhouse in Darwin’s hometown of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, Krista, with songwriters Chris Wood, Karine Polwart, Jez Lowe, Mark Erelli, Emily Smith, Rachael McShane and Stu Hanna worked intensely to create songs to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin