Koto Kill’s modern disco gem ‘Téléphone Party’ shows love and affection for the French

"The video demonstrates my love and affection for the French, the only way Brits and French know how - by taking the piss out of each other” 
25 April 2023

Gabriel Ralls, aka Koto Kill, originally from Somerset and now living in London, just dropped Téléphone Party – a great prelude to the upcoming electronic/disco album Fromage Et Fashion.

The modern disco gem comes with an incredible video directed and produced by Gabriel Ralls, featuring him and Louise Devismes. “The video demonstrates my love and affection for the French – says Rallsthe only way Brits and French know how – by taking the piss out of each other“.

The “Story of Love, Murder, and Fashion” was shot and edited as a seductive French film. Nevertheless Téléphone Party takes a knife to stereotypes, particularly the character Femme Fatale. It has a strong rhythm and provides electro-French atmospheres but also pays tribute to the famous disco era.

Even though the song has a fun and upbeat vibe, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear some spooky sounds in the background that hint at what’s going to happen to the male lead later.

Gabriel Ralls A.K.A Koto Kill explains: Téléphone Party was written with the intention of being a music video shot in the style of a short film. The plot involves a woman who plots to murder her boyfriend for spilling tea over her Jean-Paul Gaultier dress and fantasies about the most dramatic ways this murder could happen both on and off the telephone. I often like to flex my dark sense of humour, so the song needed to be in French and I assumed myself the hapless British victim. Guilty as charged; I love my tea.”

Gabriel Ralls, is an example of the small town kid who is doing great in the music industry with some really cool ideas and a unique approach.

Fromage Et Fashion is a 14 track album with stylized humor and electronic touch. It stands out because of its unique and irreverent sound. The exciting collaborative experience showcases artists from the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Fromage Et Fashion is out now.