KOPS Presents His Gripping ARTWORK EP

We’ve been following KOPS for awhile now but it’s because the artist consistently raises the bar with every new song he puts out. Now Oskar Kronback has dropped his debut EP Artwork I/II – five tracks filled with layered production and his distinctive sound that’s gained him such a strong following.

Not only is this release a gem for any follower of electro-pop or pop releases, but because KOPS is focusing more on his vocal delivery and vocal techniques to blend something new and exciting. With already released singles Down and Part Of Life included on the EP, there are three new tracks in the form of Artwork, How I Am and Be There In Time

Encompassed with a variety of bass and drum sounds, hip hop and electronic vibes, this EP will make you bounce back and forth. Artwork I/II is a head nod that is worthy of the repeat button. Take a listen for yourself below!

By Holly Frith