KOPPER Deliver An Intense Sonic Experience With LUMINESCENT WOMB

By Frank Bell

Alt-rock trio Kopper have dropped their latest single Luminescent Womb with a brand new accompanying music video off their debut EP Fading Fires. Featuring moments of both gentle joy and intense angst, Luminescent Womb encapsulates every human emotion into a neat 5 minute sonic experience.

“Releasing the track after this year of darkness, struggle and isolation feels particularly poignant,” the band explains. “While it delves into the journey of lead singer, Jon Williams as he faces and tries to address his personal failings, we have all shared in a collective reckoning with the darker sides of ourselves, and have been forced to take the time to face up to who we are, what we are and who we want to be.”

Inspired by psychologist Carl Jenkins’ Theory of Shadow, Kopper frontman, Jon Williams, and bassist, Ed Smith, have written and directed their music video to include contemporary dance that encapsulated the emotions that are present throughout the track. Luminescent Womb is an intense kaleidoscopic listening experience that will captivate the hearts and minds of any who are lucky enough to hear it melodic crooning.