Konata Small drops groundbreaking single ‘With A Bang’ in collaboration with Disciple Theory

"One of the pivotal moments in my life happened in Brooklyn, New York. This was when I was a bystander to a shootout as a preteen.."
21 May 2024

South Florida-based rapper Konata Small once again shares his innovative fusion of gospel, soul, and hip-hop with his latest gem, With A Bang, produced in collaboration with Disciple Theory.

Konata Small has become a prominent figure in the music industry, with his work featured in major platforms such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, SEGA, Valorant, Disney+, CBS, NFL, and HBO. His collaboration with Los Angeles sync agency Lyric House has resulted in numerous successful campaigns, cementing his place in the trailer hip-hop scene.

​In 2019, Konata achieved massive success with Ruckus, created with Fortnite. Featured in the game’s Chapter 2 trailer, it garnered millions of plays, topped Shazam charts, and appeared on Spotify and Apple Music playlists. DJ Diplo chose it as his first pick for Monday Night Football on ESPN. Konata’s rising profile earned features on XXL, Genius, and Cheddar News.

Konata’s latest release, With A Bang, merges hip-hop, gospel, and cinematic elements, creating a sound reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar, Labrinth, Kanye West, and Jay Z. The track is not only a musical exploration but also a deeply personal narrative for Konata.

Konata explains, “’With A Bang’ is a song that speaks on the beginning of things. One of the pivotal moments in my life happened in Brooklyn, New York. This was when I was a bystander to a shootout as a preteen. The event was the catalyst for change that eventually moved me to South Florida, where I met God and discovered my talent in hip-hop as an artist, songwriter, and rapper. So for me, it all started with a bang. This is my story.”

With A Bang showcases Konata and Disciple Theory’s ability to push musical boundaries and explore new frontiers. The track exemplifies Konata’s signature style, blending heartfelt storytelling with powerful, genre-defying production.

​​As Konata Small continues to innovate, he solidifies his place as a visionary artist in today’s music scene. Fans and new listeners will be captivated by this latest release, eagerly anticipating what’s next from this dynamic artist.