KLEO Sparkles With Debut Single BROKEN HALLELUJAH

By Vee D

Copenhagen-based, enchanting singer and pianist Kleo, describes her music as a hybrid universe of her passion for Vedic astrology, an upbringing to the sound of her grandpa’s piano – oh and 90’s grunge – and timeless hyper-romantic love stories…With reminisce about Wenders’ masterpiece Wings Of Desire, Kleo’s requiem for the lost love, called Broken Hallelujah, is a sweetly emotional debut.

Kleo explains: Broken Hallelujah is a love scene and a tragedy happening in slow motion. A sort of requiem to a love that was lost to begin with. It’s the feeling of bliss and sadness being intertwined, that can be so elevating and heavenly – an emotion so intense, you can’t help but stand in awe of the universe and how we are created. While singing Broken Hallelujah, I experience these feelings so purely.