KITTY MONTAGUE Returns With Enchanting Pop Gem BAD BOY

By Frank Bell

Alt-Pop singer Kitty Montague unveils a new sassy and dynamic song, with her new enticing single Bad Boy. And with the promise of more sophisticated and empowering tracks like Bad Boy, the emerging artist is already turning heads in the music scene.

For her sophomore release, and second single of the year, Kitty returned with an honest, open and lyrically enchanting pop gem. Vibrant production and beautifully layered melodies provide the backdrop for her candid and emotive lyricism, that exposes her incredible songwriting talent, and showcases her lyrical and artistic depth. 

In an Alt-Pop anthem that shrugs off toxic relationships and the possibility of second chances, Kitty explains: “I wrote this song during an extremely significant shift in my life. I had just left a very male orientated company which completely opened my eyes to the everyday sexism and objectification that women face. It was my gateway into feminism, and I started to question everything including my relationships”.  

Providing affirmations of self-belief, and diving into the relatable complexities of the human condition, Kitty captures your attention from the very beginning of Bad Boy.