KISA Shows Off Her Vulnerability In New Music Video HURTING


Twenty-one-year-old creative extraordinaire , KISA, loves to create an emotional narrative, but in the new visuals for Hurting it’s clear to see there’s more than meets the eye with this artist.

The L.A born and raised talented artist found her voice as a storyteller from a young age, whether it was dancing or performing at two years old or throughout her life working within acting, singing, filmmaking, editing and writing poetry.

Imagine all the creative options that are possible, KISA has done all of them.  The new music video is showing off KISA’s emotional/darker side as a songstress but also with her inner dialogue about depression and anxiety seeping in.

The track and music video is all about mental health representation that can help the younger generation talk about their issues as the current climate is allowing for more issues to be created, but watchers of KISA’s latest music video will be something to inspire the masses.