Singing sensation King Charles is fast becoming the darling of the music scene.

His upcoming single release with the Mumford Sons is one of the most eagerly expected songs of the year. Fame caught up with the dashing musican to chat about it and much more.

Can you tell us how the collaboration with Mumford and Sons came about?

I was finishing recording LoveBlood in England after I came back from the touring the states with them and Brightest Lights was taking a country turn so it made sense to get them on it.

Country Winston playing the bagpipes was extraordinary.

What can we expect from this new single?


Have you any other acts you’d like to work with?

I want to work with Laura Marling, Soko, The DO, Kanye, Vampire Weekend really soon.
Did I hear correctly that you are the subject of a very exciting portait by a famous artist?

I did a show at this castle in the country where Johann Andersson was doing an exhibition called ‘Stolen Faces’ and we started talking and ended up with a portrait.

He has interesting ideas on redefining beauty that I want to stay close to and continue our conversation.What can audiences expect at your live UK shows?

Audiences can expect to see LoveBlood in the flesh.

What is next for King Charles, have you any large gigs lined up for the rest of the year?

Lots of touring in England and Europe, some exciting stages. Reading and Leeds, T in the Park and Montreux are a few. What I love is bumping into friends bands in festival circuits.

How would you describe your style of music?


What inspires your songwriting?


What’s better writing and recording or playing live?

Each have their moments of glory and fury; I love it all.

Finally have you any hobbies or interests that would surprise our readers?

Ballet is my favourite.!/kingcharlesuk