Kindur unleashes a rather powerful trap & rap number called ‘Coins’

His music truly stands out, giving us something special to appreciate.
13 June 2023

Kindur‘s Coins is an excellent track that starts with heavy bass lines and transitions into a lush orchestral soundscape. The song climbs to an epic climax of percussive bass and sweet tunes.

Coins is a rather powerful rap number from the eclectic Manchester-born DJ, that takes us on a stunning sound journey. His music truly stands out, giving us something special to appreciate.

Kindur has been successful in the music industry through his willingness to support authenticity and creativity in all his projects and productions. He made his mark behind the scenes.

He’s rewriting the rules for producers in 2023 and has been credited by big names such as Walmart, BBC, Pandora and CW Batwoman. Now he’s ready to step up to the stage with his unique skills.

His latest release features vocals from three awesome budding artists, Just John of Canada, Dix-iple Deca of French Canada and singer-songwriter Lauren Light.

Kindur and his friends found themselves in a writing camp in Toronto that allowed them to show off their creativity and versatility. He understands that working with others can improve the soundscape and devotes himself to ensuring that his music continues to develop.

Brands like Walmart liked his authentic style and made him do specialized things for them, including fashion campaigns.

Without a doubt, Kindur will be a force to bear in mind in 2023!