Kinck shines with new track ‘Play With It’

"It's about using that power to find your way back to the raw creativity without having an industry breathing down your neck about what's relevant and what's cool"
3 July 2024
Photo by Malene Nelting

Kinck, a talented music producer, artist, and songwriter from Copenhagen with roots in Denmark and Senegal, is rapidly making her mark in the music industry. Major brands from around the world are lining up to tap into Kinck’s unmistakable style, which effortlessly blends pulsing rhythms, zany hooks, and lyrics that snap with attitude. 

With Play With It, Kinck ups the ante, blasting off in a bold new direction while staying true to her irreverent spirit and innate pop sensibilities.

In Kinck’s words, her latest release is a declaration of independence, where she trades in stiff seriousness for a contagious energy. “Play With It is about using that power to find your way back to the raw creativity without having an industry breathing down your neck about what’s relevant and what’s cool.”

In 2024, Kinck was awarded the Danish Art Foundation’s work scholarship, recognizing her contributions to the arts. For the “She Can Play” NGO, she rolled out a specialized master class, arming women and gender minorities with the skills and confidence to forge their own paths in music. Kinck is committed to mentoring upcoming artists, particularly women and gender minorities in Denmark, and has served on several grand committees for the Danish PRO Koda. Kinck has made significant contributions as a songwriter for several Dan ish artists, including Ericka Jane, BBybites, and Saso, with frequent airplay on Denmark’s biggest radio station, P3. Her Most Wanted EP rides high on self-empowering bops, perfecting the balance of razor-sharp beats and avant-garde pop flair. 

The focus track Honeypot was added to Spotify’s global playlist Fresh Finds, highlighting Kinck as an artist to watch this year. Big-name brands like McDonald’s and high-end fashion houses Valentino and Armani have all turned to Kinck’s music to jazz up their ads and campaigns. When she joined forces with Neon Capital, their synth-wave magic landed them a starring role in Netflix’s Heartstopper – and suddenly her profile was rocketing skyward.

Kinck wears multiple hats – that of a musician, and also the founder of Sad Unicorn Recs, her own label, and the operator of her Copenhagen-based studio. she cultivates a new wave of female and minority innovators, offering sage guidance drawn from her own triumphs and setbacks to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Kinck has several collaborations in the works with artists like Theresa Rex (DK), Zanillya (NL), Amy McKnight (UK), and Gucci Caliente (NO). Additionally, she released an album with the alternative R&B project Big Spoon. With a resume that boasts releases on industry giants Ultra, Ministry Of Sound, Warner, BMG, and Sony, Kinck’s credibility in the music world is hard to match.

When Malta took the Eurovision stage in 2022, her name was behind the catchy tune, and it’s just one chapter in her story of crafting hits with a vast and varied network of musicians. Throughout her career, Kinck has embodied the attitude that music is about adaptability – sometimes gracefully, other times painfully, but always unapologetically. Unafraid to learn by doing, she wholeheartedly accepts the tumultuous journey of an indie artist, amassing an impressive array of skills along the way. 

“What I love about being an indie artist is that all those small skills you learn become a superpower,” Kinck says. With the reins in my hands, I’ve managed to build a career that genuinely reflects me, and that’s a gift I cherish deeply – it’s a liberation from every creative desire. With a drive that can’t be taught and a willingness to lend a helping hand, Kinck has emerged as a true innovator in music.