KIN TALA unveils debut EP ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’: A sonic journey through innovation and creative liberation

"We had the opportunity to craft something totally on our own, so we had creative freedom to push those themes and range of sounds on the record"
14 June 2024

FM Premiere

KIN TALA comprises Dom Rogers and Shee Juma, childhood friends hailing from Blackpool, North West England. From the moment they embarked on their musical journey, this duo has been hell-bent on reclaiming indie-rock’s edge, distilling its raw energy into something fresh and transportive – an exhilarating blend of gritty impulse and heavenly sounds. ​

Now, KIN TALA unveil their debut EP Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost , which works as an exploration of indie-rock, electronic, and ambient genres.

This release is a pivotal moment for the duo, marking a bold step forward in shaping their musical identity. Featuring seven tracks that push sonic and thematic boundaries, Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost showcases KIN TALA’s evolution from their roots in indie-rock to crafting expansive soundscapes. 

From the ethereal opener Aztecs to the synth-infused Heavy Head and the introspective Ocean Blues, each track offers a distinct journey through the duo’s creative landscape. NATWWAL is more than just a few notes on a page – it’s the soundtrack to our bromance, a fusion of our passions, and KIN TALA’s debut roar. Chasing the thrill of creative liberation, we unshackled ourselves from the norm, embracing an eclectic mix of influences that fusioned into a record that boldly rewrites the rulebook. Lyrically, I delve into societal frustrations, blending boldness with worldly influences to provoke thought and introspection.

Rogers explains: “NATWWAL is an expression of a lot of things; our long friendship, our drive to make interesting music, and KIN TALA finding itself. We had the opportunity to craft something totally on our own, so we had creative freedom to push those themes and range of sounds on the record. I think you can feel that in the EP, which is different from your typical indie set of songs – it’s a lot more diverse in terms of influences and samples ingrained within. Lyrically, I used it as an opportunity to express frustrations surrounding aspects of society, history, and politics that have done my head in over the years, and wanted the sounds to reflect that. The opening track Aztecs is the perfect example of this – I wanted to be worldly, bold, and challenging, like something you’ve never heard before, and on first listen you think to yourself “What’s going on here then?!”

Highlighting the project’s focal track Ocean Blues, Juma adds, “We wrote this track back in 2014. I was listening to Mac Demarco’s ‘Salad Days’ a lot at the time and the riff was heavily inspired by that record – lots of vibrato and chorus effects. I showed it to Dom and the whole song came together in about 20 minutes. We’ve rerecorded the track 4 or 5 times since then but in the end, returned to the earliest iteration of the song. This track means a lot to both of us and, on reflection, it’s probably because this period was the ‘salad days’ of KIN TALA.”

Emerging from a backdrop of socio-economic challenges, KIN TALA has garnered acclaim for their regional releases featured on BBC Introducing and Radio X. With Swallow and Coast, we’re taken on a journey that proudly celebrates the local spirit, while also exploring the quieter stories of strength and heritage that weave the community together.