This week’s Fabulous Mag cover star is looking quite the rock chick, but deep down she is the sweetest and most candid girl in one of the most well known girl bands in history…It’s Miss Kimberley Walsh.

Well, maybe soon to be Mrs Kimberly Walsh as she reveals to Fabulous, “I’m definitely thinking marriage and babies.”

Kimberly comes across so down to earth and true to her roots, as she reveals her and Cheryl’s secret shared passion for baking, “We absolutely love it. Cheryl does the best banana loaf and I am the scone queen.”

How do they still look immaculate after all those cakes! Girls Aloud uploaded a photo on twitter a few weeks ago as a teaser for the much-rumoured reunion tour, could this rumour be true? Kimberley excitedly told Fabulous, “We’re all talking about the Girls Aloud reunion next year…”

What a reunion that would be! We are all wondering the reason behind the covered face, “We all hid our faces because we were all looking a bit spotty and we’d had a couple of bottles of wine.”

Girls Aloud really get spots! Kimberley, being Cheryl’s best friend knows her better than anyone else and tells Fabulous how Cheryl remanded strong and confident through the experience of being cut from the USA X Factor judging panel, “It definitely wasn’t the worst thing that’s happened in her life. What she went through when she was seriously ill was a life changing experience.”

It is inevitable that a Girls Aloud reunion will cause major excitement in the pop world. Since their break, no band has managed to touch them, “The Saturdays have done well, but people don’t know them individually.” There is only one Girls Aloud.