Kimaya Diggs channels her pain into a new single ‘If you love me’ and an LP ‘Quincy’

A dimensional portrait of grief and love, underscored throughout by Diggs’ masterful vocals.
9 March 2023

Western Massachusetts born Kimaya Diggs releases her breathtaking LP Quincy this March. She recently dropped the dreamy single If you love me, giving fans a taste of what they can expect from the artist’s sophomore album. Describing it as a ‘soul/pop album with indie rock bones’, it marks the singer/songwriter’s debut as a producer. She pulled her band together from members of her partner’s band, LuxDeluxe, and her father, a prominent jazz flutist in his time, adds heartfelt flute solos to the melody of several tracks. 

The album deals with grief the artist experienced after losing her mother, her friend, and her dog, Quincy, in the space of just a few years. Quincy helped Diggs survive the loss of her mother, and losing him shortly after gave her a greater insight on heartache. During this period of trauma, Diggs was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which could threaten her lifespan considerably. The diagnosis gave Diggs a huge creative energy when producing Quincy. ‘Sharing my grieving experience has resonated with people,’ says Diggs, ‘they’re excited to hear something that’s not all good.’

In ‘If you love me’ , Diggs wanted to recreate the memory of a day shortly after her mother died, when she took a hike with her dog. With no phone, Diggs ended up getting lost and walking through woods for hours before finding a way home. ‘It was springtime and I just couldn’t believe that the world was so bright and beautiful while my heart was breaking’, recalls Diggs. The track begins with singular guitar notes and builds with every bar; gentle piano notes and steady percussion come together to give the listener that outdoor, fresh feeling.

Diggs harmonises over the main thread of her lyrics with wistful, melancholic vocals- we experience both the beauty surrounding her and the tender pain within.

Quincy’ holds the complications of grief tenderly. Brimming with heartbreak, love and playfulness, Quincy paints a dimensional portrait of grief and love, underscored throughout by Diggs’ masterful vocals’. Heartache is the undercurrent of the songs on this album, but Diggs explores those emotions in a way that is joyful to listen to.