Kim-Kardashian-Givenchy-Kanye-West3Kim Kardashian is devoting all her energy to reinventing her current image.

Part of this new transformation includes a cardio heavy exercise regimen at Barry’s Bootcamp where her boyfriend Kanye West can be found working out right beside her.
Just this past Friday, he supported his girlfriend at the break of dawn, attending a 6:30 a.m. “Full Body” class at Barry’s Bootcamp in Sherman Oaks, California.

“The couple arrived a little late, because Kanye was on the phone outside the studio,” a source from the class exclusively told Hollyscoop. “Both were dressed in all black, with nothing flashy at all.”

The two were “very sweet toward each other, kind of flirting, while they were in class together,” the source added, “being cute and encouraging.”

Kim is a regular of the class and has been using its intense treadmill routine and interval weight training sessions for years.

She’s only recently introduced Kanye to the class, who ran on the treadmill, but didn’t jump into the more strenuous inclines and sprint intervals with the rest of the class. Kanye told the instructor he was pacing himself.

“He was planning to take it easy that day,” the source overheard, “because he either wasn’t feeling well or had a minor injury or something of that nature.” Once the class wrapped up, the two quietly left together…Kim-Kardashian-american dadIn other news…”Guess what guys!!!! I’m going to be on American Dad! You have to tune in to see what my character is!” Says Kim. …Well she is set to play Roger, the zany, crude, and brazen alien…

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