By Frank Bell

Australia’s finest yet quietest upcoming rapper of 2021, Kiid Spyro, releases a brand new track entitled, Ralph Lauren. The 19-year-old rapper talks about lifestyle, glamorous fashion, and more. Kiid Spyro glimpses back to his old life, “used to be down on my a** now I’m big Ballin”. The rapper tells an inspirational story of never forgetting who had your back; before fame, he assures to take his friends with him on his journey to success.

The track is delivered on a standout beat, produced by Omer & Cashheart. When speaking about the track, Kiid Spyro states, “It’s a fun song for me; I enjoyed making it, honestly. It doesn’t always have to have a super deep message; I’m just talking my shit.” 

After Sypro amassed over 4 million streams last year independently with multiple YouTube platform uploads raking in over 5 million views total, he aims to move to the US to mark a place in the hip-hop scene.