Kiesza makes a triumphant return to the dancefloor with her latest album ‘Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1’

"Dancing and Crying is my most deeply personal and meaningful project to date and Volume One is written and produced together with Sugar Jesus and K Sotomeyer"
17 April 2024
Photo by Mick Marseille

Award-winning Canadian electro-pop sensation Kiesza announces her long-awaited album Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1, dropping May 24th on all streaming platforms.

To celebrate the album’s release, Kiesza will perform alongside the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra on October 5th at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Fans can expect an unforgettable evening featuring tracks from Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1 and hits like Hideaway and Phantom on the Dancefloor. Additional information and ticket purchases can be found [here](link to be inserted).

Dancing and Crying embodies Kiesza’s signature blend of dance, house, and electrifying electro-pop with folk undertones, a fusion evident since her breakthrough single Hideaway.

The album delves into the sound that propelled her rise while incorporating organic elements reflecting her musical roots. It offers insight into her personal journey, including recovery from a traumatic brain injury in a 2017 car accident. The focus track Strangers explores how the ordeal impacted her creative process and sense of self.

Photo by Mick Marseille

Reflecting on her latest project, Kiesza shares, “This new volume, or current of music comes out of a personal chapter of letting go and embracing the way things are, as they unfold. There is time in this music, 4am sleepless nights of poetry, belly laughs with close friends, deep existential discussions about the nature of reality, adventures in the badlands, storytelling, nordic blizzards, midnight dance parties, love, loss, pain and most of all true friendship. The nucleus of this sound-storm is held together by a community that has been dancing, crying and growing together through the entire journey. Dancing and Crying is my most deeply personal and meaningful project to date and Volume One is written and produced together with Sugar Jesus and K Sotomeyer, who I now call some of my closest friends. What sets this project aside is the foundation of trust at its core. It began unexpectedly and has carried us all through the unexpected since the day it came to life. I’m truly grateful for all of the magic this music brought into my life. And the best part is that it’s still only just beginning!”

Photo by Clay Peter

With the title track Dancing and Crying, produced by Sugar Jesus, and the infectious single I Go Dance, premiered at the EDMAs, Kiesza’s return to the dancefloor is triumphant.

Boasting a billion streams for Hideaway, multiple JUNO Award victories, and collaborations with Diplo, Skrillex, and deadmau5, Kiesza is a boundary-pushing artist.

As she enters this new musical chapter, Kiesza draws from past experiences, infusing her unparalleled talents into every note. With fresh music and performances ahead, Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1 marks an exciting phase in Kiesza’s career.