KIER And FENNE LILY Show The Depth Of Their Friendship In LEAVE A LIGHT ON

By Frank Bell

This wholly absorbing collaboration between Keir and Fenne Lily delivers a deeply honest representation of loss and longing. At the core of Leave a Light On is their friendship, whilst Kier tackles these difficult emotions the song emphasizes the importance of friendships that help us survive the brutal low points in life. This new video shot over 24 hours shows the genuine depth of the relationship of the two celebrated artists. 

As Kier mourned the loss of his Grandfather as well as having to struggle with the end of a long term relationship it was Fenne who was there at his most vulnerable. “I remember being on FaceTime to Fenne, mostly consisting of her watching me cry”, once able to pick up the pen and reflect on this time musically it felt only natural for them both to collaborate on this intimate song.  As Fenne says “to lend my shoulder – and my voice – to my favourite person is a true joy”.

The video to Leave a Light On shows the friends painting each other’s faces, sitting around the fire, and roaming the countryside capturing the two artists’ genuine affection for each other. A testament to the song’s themes, the simplicity of the visuals helps to convey the power of friendship in overcoming grief as they laugh themselves through the night.